Studi Headphones: Definition and Types

Long before you know the world of recording, surely you have long known what the headphones. But for those of you who are now building a home recording studio, you will surely wonder can the headphones work well in the studio? Are studio headphones different from headphones in general? For those of you who still do not know how a studio headphone looks like, you can go to the website from which you can know more about studio headphones on You can also get some recommendations for studio headphones on the website.

The truth is, in general, recording studios use two types of headphones that are very specific for two very different purposes which are as follows:
– Closed Back Headphones for tracking
– Open Back Headphones for mixing

In the following, then, both of the types of headphones will be discussed in the following:

– Closed back headphones

Closed back headphones are the kind of headphones that you can use when you record a song in the studio. What you should look at from a headphone is the fact that you want a headphone that can provide maximum isolation. The closed back headphones have the ability to provide you with the maximum isolation. This aims to prevent the sound of headphones from leaking and getting caught by the microphone and ultimately damaging your recordings. As the closed back headphones are used for tracking so that recording musicians can still hear the music while using the headphones.

– Semi-open or open back headphones

When it comes to the time for you to mix all the music you have recorded in the studio, you need a headphone that can provide excellent detail from low end to high end. It is the semi-open or open back headphone that will be the right headphone for you to use. The headphone will be able to help you be more aware of every note of your music.