What You Need to Know about Money Game Investment Scheme

Lately in the community splurge investment model like the case of Vrx Lawsuit. Many laypeople begin to take part in investment schemes that are again used in the trading of gold and forex outside. Some readers of my books have contacted to ask the truth of this investment model. After I check, as a professional forex trader, reading the investment offer makes me smile and shake my head. The investment scheme is obviously fraud or scam and just wants to take advantage of people who do not understand about real forex or gold trading. For that, this article is written to help the ordinary people avoid getting trapped by such scams.

Money game investment scheme like the one mentioned above is offering a variety of investment packages that provide a guaranteed profit of 3% per day. Investors of the money are traded by using super-advanced forex robot that can guarantee always profit. So if you count, by 3% per day, it means a month of 90%. A year can be 1080%. This is the usual calculation if compounding calculations can be even greater. This is newly shared for members. So the company must profit even greater.

But when getting offered with something so great like that, it is a must for you think more carefully. If the company is really profitable with the robot trading, why bother to have to bother looking for funds of others. The company should simply borrow money to a bank whose interest is only 15% per year. If true profitable, the bank would be happy to provide loans.

Companies that offer such investment models should be the world’s richest company, without the hassle of finding customers. The profits are much larger than Warren Buffet, the richest investor in the world that can only generate 24% of its investment per year. If the company is true like that, surely the owner has been listed as the richest man in the universe. That is why you should never believe such a kind of investment.