Kinds of Home Roofing Materials

The roof of the house is part of the house that has an important role as a protector. The roof of the house protects the house from the weather and the danger from the outside. When the weather is rain then the roof becomes a protector of the house so as not exposed to rain. Likewise, when the weather is the hot and stinging sun, the roof also protects the occupants from the heat. But of all the functionality of the roof of the house has several levels or advantages and disadvantages are categorized from the basic ingredients of the maker. You can visit our website and our best roof company will help you to take care of the roof of your house.

Lots of various kinds of roofing materials that are often used by the community. Anything? Check out the following article:

– Zinc

Zinc is certainly familiar to many people. Although cheap, durable, and widely used, zinc also has some drawbacks. One that has been understood is the nature that holds the heat so that makes people under it feel uncomfortable. In addition, zinc is also easily rusty and not too attractive from the appearance.

– Asbestos

This one material is probably already known by the public. Asbestos has a lightweight and durable properties. The price is cheap and can make the house cool because this type does not absorb heat. However, asbestos is easily cracked and when stepped on it must replace it with a new one. In addition, asbestos fibers easily loose and fly so that it can endanger health (trigger lung cancer).

– Concrete

This one roof material has a weight that is quite heavy, even heavier than clay. However, of course, this material is very strong to face all the weather. With a mixture of cement and other additives, concrete roofs are resistant to fire or weathering. There is a form of corrugated or flat, the color was varied. However, in proportion to its quality, the price of this type of roof tends to be more expensive.